Outsider Cops -The Caribbean Case
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Expect the unexpected.

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A Caribbean British Colony has been the scene of eight murders. The local police have failed to solve the crimes. The Governor asked The Foreign Office for help. New Scotland Yard assigned their top Detective Curtis Cole, and an assistant Detective William Strong, to tackle the job. They must work with U S Drug Enforcement Agent Tom Oakley, and Agent Willie Patton, who need help to take down a Mexican drug cartel that uses the Island as its base for Eastern United States operations. The Brits survive an assassination attempt on day one, causing Detective Cole to realize that the Police Commissioner is in the deal with the Mexicans. Cautiously, they find local citizens brave enough to help them establish a plan. To complete the mission, Cole and Oakley must sneak in both male and female detectives along with the U S Coast Guard and the British Navy. Over two hundred million dollars in the form of ships, cash and heroin are seized. Several criminals are killed or wounded, many are arrested. But, all is not about them, as a romance ensues between the agents and two ladies whom they must rescue, plus British Detective Jane Butterworth finds an American husband. Expect the unexpected.